Do you need inspiration?

Don’t think that you can do it?

Then check out this truly remarkable transformation of Kate Anderson.

Kate's before and after photos (below) have to be seen to be believed..

After reading Kate’s story and seeing her transformation photos it is clearly evident that Kate thoroughly deserves such an amazing transformation. If you need inspiration for your own weight loss look no further than Kate.

Kate has been kind enough to write a short piece on her life and weight loss journey. I hope you enjoy it.

Written by Kate Anderson

I’ve always been overweight. I can’t remember a time (even as a child) when I was at a healthy weight. All through primary school and secondary school I was always the ‘fat’ girl, and I just kept getting bigger and bigger no matter how much I exercised or how many different diets I tried (and believe me, I’ve tried them all). By the time I finished university at age 22, I weighed in at a whopping 118kgs!! I was on the verge of depression, people treated me rudely (that is if they acknowledged me at all) so I no longer wanted to go out with my friends, I basically became a hermit.

It was around that time that I decided that something needed to be done. I felt like I had completely missed out on my adolescence, I didn’t want to miss out on my 20’s too. But what to do?? I had spent most of my teen years trying every diet under the sun (none with lasting results) and nothing had worked. I decided that I needed to get away from my usual environment and go some place where all I had to focus on was my food, exercise and health.

After a fair amount of ‘googling’ I found a health retreat in Sydney that offered me just that. It was a place where I could stay, all my meals were prepared for me and there was group fitness and exercise sessions run for several hours a day by personal trainers. The retreat also offered a range of seminars to educate its participants about nutrition and fitness and also about the emotional aspect of being overweight.

I lived at the retreat initially for 6 weeks and loved every minute of it!! I lost 15kgs in that six weeks and after returning home for only 2 weeks decided I wanted to do another stint. I loved it so much that I just kept on going back. As my fitness improved I started participating in some bootcamp programs which are much more fitness based (about 7-8hrs of training a day). In total I spent 17 weeks at these retreats over about 10 months and lost 45kgs!! I had the same trainer for the whole 17 weeks. We have become great friends and he has helped to keep me motivated and focused on my goals even after leaving the retreat.

It was in my final week of bootcamp that I met Phil and in all my 17 weeks of training I have never experienced anything like his ab buster workout. It was the most intense yet best abdominal workout I’ve ever had!!

This past year has completely changed my life!! I am the healthiest, fittest and happiest I have ever been and I owe it all to the guys at these retreats. I have been able to keep up my fitness and nutrition plan at home and am continuing to work towards and achieve my goals. I am also looking into becoming a personal trainer myself so I can help others turn their lives around the way I have.