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However, to begin with I am starting off with a simple article. I have received numerous emails asking me what I am currently up to? So here goes.

Currently I am running my own business, ‘PBHealth’, in which I have published the male and female editions of ‘The Tips Personal Trainers Don’t Tell You’. Due to the popular demand from buyers, I am currently in the process of writing another book which I hope to have finished shortly. I will keep you informed of its progress.

Through ‘PBHealth’ I am also currently working freelance as a trainer at a weight loss retreat in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, called ‘On Track Weight Loss Retreat’.

‘On Track’, explained simply, is very similar to the television show ‘The Biggest Loser’, just a little bit less intense. Clients live at the Fairmont Resort, Leura for a week or many more, during which we train them between 4 to 6 hours per day, provide them with delicious and healthy food and conduct educational seminars. It is a guaranteed program in which clients receive a guarantee to lose weight and centimetres during their stay; and is one of the many reasons why it is thought of as Australia’s top weight loss and lifestyle modification program.

Clients come from all over the world to attend, with two currently being from the UK and New Zealand. While it is a great program it is not for the faint hearted, however the results are phenomenal. For example, yesterday, after only two weeks at ‘On Track’ a client lost 8kgs and an amazing 25cm from her waist alone. Last week, all 8 clients lost between 2.8 and 4.85kg.

Each and every day clients train and live in the stunning Blue Mountains.


Shortly I will take photos during one of our bushwalks to show you the amazing scenery that we often take for granted due to our busy lifestyles. These bushwalks last generally between 2 to 3 hours, however I have also been on a walk for 4 hours, which is both challenging and beautiful, which makes it well worth the difficulty.

While I will regularly be updating my blog, please feel free to provide me feedback on my website, articles, weight loss books and/or any questions you may have, plus of course, your inspirational transformations.

Please email info@thetips-weightloss.com

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Phil Hartshorn

Author of weight loss books 'The Tips Personal Trainers Don't Tell You'