Make these 5 quick weight loss changes today and watch the fat melt off your body.

1.      Book into an event

Book yourself into an event, such as a marathon or half-marathon. By having this as your outcome, setting goals to be able to achieve this outcome and training appropriately to ensure that you can complete this event, the chances are that in the process, you will drop those stubborn, excess kilograms.

2.      Drink up

Every morning, upon rising have a glass of lukewarm water with lemon to help speed up your metabolism.

Also, drink a glass of water 10 minutes before every meal. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of drinking water before meals as an effective weight loss tool, resulting in a decreased stomach capacity leading to smaller portions being consumed.

3.      Get a training partner

Trust me; working out with a training partner will enhance your workout in both intensity and enjoyment. The key is to get a training partner who is motivated, positive and wanting to change as much, if not more, then you. This means that if you are lacking motivation on any given day, he/she will pick you up and give you an extra push, when the chances are that if you were training alone you would have taken the session off or gone through the motions.

4.      Hit the weights

The key to losing fat is building muscle. This is achieved through strength training. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. So start including strength training in your exercise regime, especially massive calorie burning exercises such as squats, leg press, lunges, bent-over rows etc.

5.      Remove the junk

Remove all the junk food from your house, NOW. I know you have heard this before and there is a good reason why, it works.

Replace your junk food with fresh vegetables, fruits, salad, chicken, fish and water. This means that when you get hungry you will not search for junk food, instead you will make a grilled chicken and salad.

Make these changes today and watch the fat melt off your body in no time.


Phil Hartshorn

Author of weight loss books ‘The Tips Personal Trainers Don’t Tell You’

If junk food is your weakness, continue below.

Truth be told, there will be some of you who will struggle with this as your life is controlled by junk food. If you have read my weight loss books then you will understand that I am all about healthy eating, and to be honest with you, from my experience with severely obese clients to cut out junk food completely is unrealistic, especially at the beginning of their weight loss journey.

So how can you still add that junk food?

Still clear the house of all your junk food. However, when you want that junk food, and nothing is going to stop you from having it, ensure that you walk to the store to get it. Buy a small amount of the junk (remember always in moderation) and walk back home. No if’s or but’s about it, walk THERE and BACK.

This way you are burning calories and you never know, you may get home feeling great about the exercise you have just completed and throw out the junk.

This is not a free pass to have junk food, just a way to minimise the junk foods effect. It should not be a regular occurrence.