Supplements can be quite expensive, but there is a way you can easily save over 50%. Don’t be the only one not taking advantage of this discount.

For anybody living in Australia, if you are not taking advantage of our Aussie dollar being equal with the US dollar, then it’s time to start.

While our Aussie dollar is at an all time high, it is time to take advantage.

So how can you save over 50% on the supplements you are already buying within Australia?

The answer is very simple and I will show you exactly how, in the following example.

Firstly, the supplement I have chosen is completely random and I have only included the brand and name of the supplement so that you can check my example yourself, if you don’t believe me. I have chosen what I believe are two of the cheapest supplement stores... Australia’s store being ‘Vitamin King’ and the US store being

Now, if you went on to Australian based and ordered:

Dymatizes – 1kg Micronized Glutamine it costs $74.95. Add delivery of $6.50 and that’s a total of $81.45.

Now, if you go to and order the exact same product from the US, it costs $34.98. Add delivery of $18.58 and that’s a total of $53.56

A saving of 35%.

I can hear you thinking, ‘That’s not 50%. Typical personal trainer, he can only count to 15.... Give me 15 reps... one.... two... three...’

Be patient, I’m not finished yet.

You can improve this discount from 35% to 50%, and here is exactly how.

In the checkout section of your order, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will see, COUPON CODE.

Enter blast10 and you will get 10% discount on all of your products in your shopping cart.

However, please note that the coupon code blast10 expires on the 11th of March, 2011.

But don't stop there, the way to achieve the biggest discount you can, is to:

Bulk buy with your friends or training partners. I bulk buy with my girlfriend and a few other trainers for all sorts of products and when splitting the cost of delivery, we end up saving over 50%.

So there it is. An easy way to save your hard earned money.

I woke up and was feeling in a very giving mood so I hope you like this little tip, because if you haven’t been taking advantage of the high Aussie dollar already, then it is time to start.



Phil Hartshorn

Author of weight loss books ‘The Tips Personal Trainers Don’t Tell You’

EXTRA TIP: As long as your order, before shipping, is less than $1000AUD there will be ZERO customs duties/taxes assessed at the border. So ensure that your order is under $1000 to take advantage of the massive discount.